At Echo Park, ABC’s one-stop, multi-service, neighborhood family center in the heart of East Harlem, children from ages 5-21 participate in the Therapeutic Afterschool Program that provides structure and consistent support for at-risk children as they develop their academic skills, resilience, and self-esteem. Structured recreational play, academic mentoring, and experiential learning opportunities—including sports, gardening and nutrition programs, and computer science workshops—encourage academic and social-emotional development. Afterschool also offers a technology-based enrichment program, Study Buddies Connect, which uses half-hour telephone and video chats between children and their volunteer buddies to further strengthen academic skills and goals. 

During the summer, ABC provides Camp Calvin, a 6-week Therapeutic Summer Day Camp filled with joyful, nurturing activities for at-risk children in East Harlem. Campers participate in invaluable learning experiences and field trips that strengthen their reading, math, technological, scientific, environmental, social, and safety skills while forming lasting friendships.

An accredited Internship Program prepares vocationally-bound high school students with physical and cognitive disabilities for the world of work by offering hands-on job experience. Interns are trained in infant care, early childhood education, library arts, culinary arts, and administrative and maintenance-related tasks.

Someone to Watch Over Me, ABC’s pilot youth initiative, supports disengaged youth—those at risk for a range of negative outcomes such as dropping out of school or criminal justice involvement—to stay on a positive life path. Youth receive key supports linked to positive development, alongside enriching programming that offers an outlet for children’s skills and passions. Intensive wrap-around interventions are offered in close collaboration with parents, teachers, coaches, and other adults in their lives, including faith leaders and police officers.

Location and contact information:

  • Echo Park: 1841 Park Avenue
    Contact Jessica Casanova, Director of Youth Services: (646) 459-6175 |


  • More than 150 children participated in ABC’s Youth Programs.

  • 100% of ABC’s high school seniors graduated — 30 points higher than the graduation rates for Latinx and Black students citywide.

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