ABC stands with community members against family separation

Yesterday we gathered in front of Cayuga Center in NYC – where children forcibly separated from their parents are detained – to join community members in speaking out against family separation. Children, families, and community members shared stories of how family separation and deportation have impacted their lives.

ABC was proud to stand with Movimiento De Mujeres Migrantes y Sus Familias (Movement of Migrant Woman and Their Families) in support of family reunification. The Movement of Migrant Women and Their Families was formed in response to the needs of migrant women and their families who, day by day, gather around the dinner table only to find the empty chair of a loved one who has been separated from them. They demand the right to be together with their loved ones.

“I believe that in this world, we are all migrants. We all share the tradition of welcoming the traveler, making a place at the table,” said Gretchen Buchenholz, Executive Director of ABC. “I am here to bear witness in behalf of all the children and youth forever wounded by forced family separation, by deliberate, inhumane, and unconstitutional acts against the most vulnerable, the least among us, delivering the most painful blows to each child, causing unquestionable and irreparable harm to each one and every family member… We know that they are wounded; pierced, have entered an eternal suffering. Surely, these crimes against migrant families are crimes against all humanity!”

Leny Bolivar, Program Director for ABC's Fast Break Children's Mobile Crisis & Rapid Response Team, spoke with Nadia Torres from Telemundo47 about how family separation harms children.

For more information about Movimiento de Mujeres Migrantes y Sus Familias, please visit their website here. If you'd like to contribute to their campaign, you can learn more and donate here.