Youth Programs

For youth living in poverty and severe emotional distress, ABC has created licensed therapeutic youth programs that provide, through carefully crafted curricula, the structure, encouragement, and consistency that at-risk children, kindergarten through high school age, need to build academic skills, develop strength of character and positive self-esteem, and forge life-long friendships in stimulating spaces such as the Tiger Room, Chantelle’s Rec Room, Rosie & Harry’s Bistro, Bunny’s Garden, and the Healey Technology Center. 

Therapeutic Summer Camp
During the summer months, ABC's Therapeutic Summer Camp ensures some of the city’s most vulnerable children the safe, enjoyable activities that every boy and girl needs and deserves.
Therapeutic After School Program
The Therapeutic After School Program serves at-risk children living in New York City, providing the structure, encouragement, and consistency they need to succeed academically and build the skills necessary for successful transition to adulthood.
Teen Apprenticeship Program
The Teen Apprenticeship Program provides severely disabled youth with supervised work experience in a supportive setting.